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The key to nutrition…


When it comes to dining, nothing beats a freshly prepared meal, made from scratch. Residents at The Arbors get just that – fresh, never frozen or precooked meals, every day.

Those with memory loss sometimes struggle with consuming the appropriate levels of vitamins, minerals, and other daily nutrients. Our team has formulated a proprietary Mighty Shake supplement to maintain a healthful diet, when needed.

Making meals visually appealing may not be enough to get a loved one to eat on their own. The Arbors team maintains a program of research to identify prompts that encourage eating, and incorporate findings into the dining experience.

As a result, meals are served on red plates and cups – the color red elevates eating by more than 25%, and increases drinking by 87%. These simple, but smart adaptations have proven successful in motivating residents to eat and drink, and improve the overall health of the community.

Our chef has mastered the art of decorative soft and pureed presentation, making each meal a visually rewarding experience. For residents experiencing chewing difficulty, finely chopped foods, garnishes and gravies ease this difficulty while providing mouth-watering nourishment. For those struggling to swallow, puree art combines practicality and presentation.

When it comes to dining, our goal is to make meal time a more familiar and much more enjoyable experience. After all, we are cooking for family!

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